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The Nostalgia Critic

"Point of Epic Burns"

(Crawford's Phantom:)
You haaave come here
To prove your voice does not suck ass
Like a warthog who got himself kicked in the ballsack

Past the point of epic burns
Like gargling sawdust
Your voice is as profound as hammered sh*t

Yours is not that much better
You're like a squeak-toy
Falsettos sucking Borris Karloff's tit

(Crawford's Phantom:) You're screeching like a dying sow

(Fandumb:) Seriously, which gender are you now?

(Fandumb and Crawford's Phantom:) Yet, somehow, ladies find us hot stuff

(Fandumb:) You go back and forth like a helium balloon that farts

(Crawford's Phantom:) Past the point of epic burns

(Fandumb:) Sounds like you're fast-forwarded and then slow downed just in random parts

(Crawford's Phantom:) You sound like road-kill

(Fandumb:) Shrill repeating, ears are bleeding, no way to go in reverse

(Crawford's Phantom:) For I'm the O.G. voice that was here first

(Fandumb and Crawford's Phantom:) We've passed the point of epic burns

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