Challenger lyrics


[Verse 1]
I hear they're repealing the jockeys of love
The radio healers, the nighttime savant
Well, honey - it won't end so well
Believe me
'Cuz I've seen a lot and I read
And that's just a history repeating all over itself

[Chorus 1]
But you won't ever leave it alone
And I'm not gonna let you take it all
If it's dumb
Then why are you clapping?

[Verse 2]
I had a bad feeling when I was a kid
That I would recede and I'd nеver be missed
So, whеn I feel up to retrieving
I go to the slot along the cieling
The one I keep my self esteem in
And pour it over myself

[Chorus 2]
But you won't ever let it be enough
And I'm not ever gonna give it up
I've worked so hard at it
Why are you so mad about it?

But then maybe i won
'Cuz I'm right where I wanted
In your head
In your heart - in your head
In your hands - I'm in your hands
In your hands - I'm in your hands
But you won't ever let that be enough

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