You Won’t lyrics


Staring at your watch
Like it's gonna make me ask you "what?"
Something's rubbing you wrong
And I'm the master of playing dumb

Panic in your talk and you're walking over
I know what you want, but can we not again?
I just let it all bottle up, spill over
You wanna throw down
You wanna hurt me?

Well do it - do it
Do it
You won't

Strap me to the car
Pull out fast onto Route 1
Keep the radio off
I'm screaming top of my lungs

"Give me what I want, what I want, hand over it"
I deserve it all, don't I mom? I did it
Can we laugh it off, laugh it off? She couldn't
She wants to turn around
It's gonna hurt me

Well do it- do it
Do it
You won't

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