Jessi (제시)


[제시 "Drip" 가사]

[Intro: Jessi]
Drip, drippin'
Drip, drip, drippin'
Drip, drip, drippin'
Drip, drip, drip

[Verse 1: Jessi]
f**kin' with no b*t*h
Don't act like you know me
You funny with money honey
Don't act like a poor b*t*h
I'm sick of all these fakes (fakes)
I'm sick of all these phonies
Everybody same, they be lame, they be clonin' (yeah, yeah)
Ay, who you think you frontin' on? (Who dat B?)
All you little kiddies run along
I ain't goin' anywhere
Ah, y'all can kiss my derrière, woo
Up in the whip, up in the coupe, yeah, yeah
Takin' a flick, actin' a fool, yeah, yeah, yeah
Everything I got on brand spankin' new
And if I want your man than I'mma take him too (hey)

[Pre-Chorus: Jessi]
I be sippin' on that Go-o-ose
Gotcha feelin' loose (loose)
They all wanna taste my juice (juice)
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