Missed Calls lyrics



[Hook: Khalfani]

Thoughts stay running through my mind
Thots stay calling up my phone
I ain't even picking up my line
Out about to get it on my own
Thoughts be running through my mind
Thots keep calling up my phone
I ain't even picking up my line
Out about to get it on my own

[Verse 1: Khalfani]

Alright, I pull up for instance
She insist I'm getting it
I tell her you know it
You want it come get
We both know I'm lying
But in this existence
Where morals is missing
My floor filled with b*t*hes
From last night's pajama jam
Panties on ceiling fans
Seals filled with flowers
That home grown, that dank ass grass
Granny wouldn't understand
Granny should never know
I ain't one for living lies
I ain't one for saving hoes
She said, "Where you come from?"
I told her the islands
She said, "You a liar"
Know you a South Sider
From where they call Chiraq
And she admired the come up inspired her
Grew here, you flew here
Was born on the wire
Me, you, a lighter is all thats required
Her and her girlfriends I'm all they supplier
And I admit that this may be cliche
But your legs must be tired
Because these


[Verse 2: Khalfani]

My crib is the set
Yes my crib is a mecca
Especially for b*t*hes
With exceptional legs and neck
Pick out an outfit
We going chyea
Mountain, a loft-space
That all your decidement
I'm f**king around
Talking smack out on some high sh*t
To all they surprise
On the rise Impolite
She excited invited her friends
Just one night
And aside from your finals
Take this flight, one life
Kawasaki she zoning out
Coated in chrome
When we roll then its poking out
Old school hopping out
She turned out
That's a 3 60
Don't take the deal
I stayed for real
Lord saved the children
Ill sh*t, just me
Like Cormega in it
Contrast the greatness, understatement
Wrote, produced it and rearrangement
So when these


[Female voice:]



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