Love Over Money lyrics


Roll another Backwoods
I could never ever go backwards
To a time when I was broke
Never had anything to smoke

If money's over everything
Then money songs is all I'll ever sing
And you could say you doubt it
But I just wrote an album about it

[Chorus] (x2)
Love over money every single day
Rather smoke with you than get paid
Rather smoke with you than get paid
Rather smoke with you than get paid

And my mom's finally happy
I'm making more cash than my pappy
I'm making more money than my friends do
Yeah, I just do everything I want to

Getting paid in my bed
I'll get paid when I'm dead
R.I.P. Netherfriends
Fake my death just to make ends

[Chorus] (x2)

[Blake Rules]
Yo, I hold you on my pocket
Like my iPhone
She got so much money, bro
I swear she got five phones
I saw her with her boyfriend
They were chilling at Hi-Tones
She was with her boyfriend
But she still texted my phone

Uhn I'm writing raps and
Getting paper like a book store
Netherfriends is making beats
That I've been writing hooks for
I like to cook my girl said
I need to cook more
But money is the only thing
That I ever look for

Love is always at war in my head
I could be at home in bed with you
Or out there getting some bread
See I can't work a 9-5
Until the day that I'm dead
Cos I'm a rolling stone, baby
Something's wrong with my head

Yeah, but you might change your feelings
When you see the new caddy
Yeah, she used to call me baby
Now my name is just Daddy
And now every time we roll
She likes to roll up a fatty
Uhn I'm raining money
Like it's parmesan on spaghetti

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