It’s Raining Money lyrics


I don't wanna check my bank statements
I just wanna make some more payments
Wake up in the morning and look filthy rich
I gotta keep it up
I gotta keep it up

I just wanna make it rain
I just wanna make it rain
And never ever be in pain
I just wanna make it rain
I just wanna make it rain
Get this cash out my brain

Hop out my bed
Push songs out my head
Strum this guitar
It brought me real far

I hustle for the love
The skill, the thrill
When I play a show
I kill, I kill


[Blake Rules]
God bless my bank account
He's raining money on it
I'm at the 7-11
Raining money on it
The weather forecast for tonight
Was raining money on it
I'm wiping all my tears
With all these hundreds

In the club
Trying to make it rain
You're a major lame
I got a whole army like Major Payne

People say they love you
But once you've changed, man
It ain't the same
See, I love money
But I hate the game
Got some haters
I don't say their names
Cos when they hear the song
They gonna know it's about them
Well it ain't my problem
We ain't the same

I beat it up like a boxer
Money turned me into a monster
You fake rappers deserve a Oscar
Go back to your job at Costco
I'm leaving being broke behind me
My new car is looking so shiny
My new girl was born in the nineties

Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord
Oh Lord, don't ever touch my aux cord
Money talks, I don't talk more
I just do math like a chalk board

Being broke is a big oops
I'm a big sucker for a big hoops
I love big eyes and thick thighs
And a butt that makes you say
"Whoop Whoop" (Whoop Whoop)
I light up the blunt up
I'm counting my money up
There's always two girls in my bed
And they got some butts
Like some dump trucks
Oh my God Oh my God
Where is my head

She spend my money
Til my tank on E
She been thanking God
I've been thanking me
She been bad
So I been spanking
My only real friend is Ben Franklin


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