Don’t Be a f*ck Boy lyrics


I'm never stressed
I'm sleeping well
I'm getting laid
My life is swell
And no one
Tells me what to do
I do exactly
What I want to

Give it all you got
And just have fun
Don't be a f**k boy
And love everyone
Give it all you got
Just have fun
Don't be a f**k boy
And love everyone
Tra la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la (x2)

I'm never sad
I don't work a job
I'm getting paid
So I don't need to rob

And no one tells me
What to write
Yeah, my life is
Pretty tight


[Blake Rules]
Blake Rules

Girls just wanna have fun
Boys just wanna have sex
I just wanna write these raps
And count these racks
Wanna sign these checks

Paycheck, paycheck after paycheck
Girl take your coat off like coat check
We can go to the stars like Star Trek
After that we can go back and watch BoJack

That's BoJack Horseman
Of course, man
She my head Billy Corgan
I lay that pipe like an organ
Dirty sh*t like 4chan

I wish I had four hands
To touch you
You're so fine
But I'm up to my neck
Like Toulouse-Lautrec
Yo, that's an old
Beastie Boys line

Hey hey girl
Come in here
And tell the room service
Don't come in here

Do you like wine
This is Carmenere
Just me and my horse
He named Paul Revere

Hey, I'm just having fun
Her booty do tricks
Call her Magic Buns
Back in the day
We played Magic cards
Now I write raps
That are haphazard

And other rappers
Don't go half as hard
I say sh*t they don't
Have the heart to say
All they ever do
Is recycle sh*t
So I leave em on
The curb on
Garbage Day

Ey, ey, ey
Just have fun
Say no to drugs
And say no to guns
Chicago is the city
That save money runs
Go play in the sun every day until you're done


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