Fall Back lyrics


Verse 1 (Izzy Strange)

I dont wanna log in or read your blog, man
I'd rather hang out with a caveman
Than the new primate 
Synthetic world we create
The touch is no longer real
f**k like a handshake
Holding hand Grenades 
Birth control safe
Never met anybody with aids
It's just a phase
Through a phase 
To a different part in the maze
Betrays ghosts in the ashtray 
With a fiery grave
I dont wanna conform 
Id rather misbehave 
Break away 
Cause there could have been another way
Maybe on another day
What they gonna say?
Hey, somebody help me !


End of the road 
End of the grind
End of the show
And you still in line
Will you find your way home?
Will it all be fine? 
Fall back on em
Fall back on em
Fall back on em
Fall back 
Fall back

Verse 2 (Izzy Strange)

Making me feel like im outta my mind
Outta the hour and outta the time 
Outta the dollar and outta the sign
Out from the shadows 
And taking whats mine 

Its becoming harder and harder to breathe
Under the water 
I mean they thought i was a goner
No one would of thought
They framed roger, your honor
Plug em in 
And watch them build a monster 
Behind a screen your 10x stronger
And one man can't have all that power
I'll swipe you on tinder
Dont wanna buy you flowers

But its a catch 22
Cause look what i do 
Plug in
And connect to new
Need my connection juiced 
Need call a truce 
Need to count the views 
Cause we making moves 
To higher avenues 
Cause when the bills is due
We gonna pay them too
Cause when the lights was gone
I was feeling blue
And i made a promise 
That i grew out the shoe
Grew out the phase 
When there was no food
Never gonna go back to that place
I grew a clue
I dont want to waste 
I got some points to prove
So i guess im looking to purchase
Some ad space
But on the real
Not playing nice
If there was a button to destroy it all 
I wouldn't think twice


Verse 3: (Eligh)

Take a look
At me
Up close
And find a way to get acquainted
Stop staring in a screen
Eyes on a trampoline
Can't stand still
Land fill full of broken dreams
Online - not a life
Hiding in the technology
I wrote about it
When I was a teen
Little man
Pulling from the sky
Words in the green grass
Burned in a pin joint
Earned in a shot glass
Learned on the back streets
Athlete on the avenue
Soaking up game
From the big brothers in the underground track meet
Ran that track like a chassey
On a cadillac frame
None of that is the same now a days
On the stage rookies raised from the baby state
To the mage
Getting paid real fast for a sh*t show
Some got it natural and some through a fish bowl
I wish all those
The luck I've had
To retain fans in a mad mad world
Music is number one
Quality from the gun
From the jump - grunt
From the heart
Run from the start
Tripping and falling
Then getting up again
For the call of the son
Call of the wild
You can call it my child
My career commandeered by the fear to succeed
Not fail
Never scared of that
Wear the badge of honor
Proudly pin it on the chest
The battles been through
With the pencil
Met with bat
Bat to the ball
Out the park
Out the dark
Like arriving through tunnels
I funnel my vision
Through people that listen
To what i'm expressing
I'm guessing
That technology is not all bad
Spreading the message
Of love through the music
That's made with a needs
Of disease on slave ship
Call that, progress?
I say...maybe not
A nemesis
Of learning how to communicate on a human level
In person
Who got these lazy thoughts
Growing up in world where we hide in our phone screens

Cause passing by a stranger on the street, makes one so uncomfortable
Eye contact cause anxiety and misery
Fall back to life
Back to humanity

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