Rappers Say The Darnedest Things lyrics


Intro (Izzy Strange)

They don't see a dream
Its a ghost it seems
Someone post a meme
They just brainless
They only root for the home team
When they catch steam
You can catch me
When i'm famous
There ain't no money in the jukebox
Juke move
Knock em' out they tube socks
Duke nuke, just a fluke
The beat knocks
So throw em' up
Like you puking hip-hop
Just a beastie, cause i'm a sure shot
It's a feast of friends
When the doors locked
Make the drawers drop
Make the show stop
But you can't make me into something
That I am not
So tell em'

Verse 1 (Open Mike Eagle)

I holla first
I holla last
I holla clean or go awkward
I holla left
I holla right
In your jalapeno your poppers
These paid rappers in the industry
Ain't trying to take a rotation
Yes indeed
Best believe i'm taking donations
I can go hard or go faceless
Cold hard
Oh god
Sending post cards from oasis
Ghost boys making no noise
And I can choke ?? with my fingers
With my thought crimes
I talk rhymes
Cause I swear to god, i'm like Mingus
I swear to god i'm like fungus
My lungs sound like tumbleweed
When I breathe out my dungeon
By myself hosting a function
Black tie affairs , my lunch-in
An i'm ain't doing no dishes
I'm vicious
I'm viscous
Every other day is like Christmas
My wish list is no itches, yeah

(Hook) 2x

Break me off a brick of ramen
Yeah I rap, no boss applauding
I need cash, get them head a bobbin'
Like heroin nods, cause i'm a problem

Verse 2 (Izzy Strange)

Holla to the bank
Holla if you strange
Smash on glass pigs
Cause i'm looking for some change
I'm looking to exchange this life for gold
But i'm too old to sell souls
Give me mic control
So the story's told
So the story's read
Singing lullaby's
Put a rapper to bed
So someone let me up
Outta my head
Cause all I wanna do is live the dream instead
Say whats on your mind
Not easy all the time
I've been losing color
Can't keep myself in line
The heaves are dry
The drugs are high tide
Swept us to the side
Like we needed a ride
Don't believe this rap guy
It's all an act
To put your heart on the line
So its something that they'll buy
Put science in your songs
Like its something from bill nye
Defiance in my bones
And my heads on cloud nine
If i'm headed to hell
As long we can party like we're back in 9-9
I wanna take you home
Like I'm rounding the baselines
Put you on the glass
Ain't talking no face time
Ain't no mountain high
Yeah I heard it through grapevines
Put your hands up like you standing in bank lines
And I got a john Dillinger plan
We bout to make this years summer jam


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