A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy lyrics


Verse 1 (Izzy Strange)

It's cut throat, no hope and no winter coat
I've been feeling guilty
Since the murder she wrote
The resins making coughs filthy
Probably won't die from the smoke
But if I don't keep building
Then I'm bound to stay broke (nope)
Trial and error
Causing a terror
Picking a fight with the man in the mirror
Mimicking life
I'm the only one here
Dimming the lights
So it ain't as severe
Give me the go
If I'm all in the clear
Went without looking
Now i'm ending careers
Spending these years looking for bliss
I must've missed or it don't exist
I got all the symptoms of a human
And i'm dressed to ball
I just don't know what I am doing
Like the rest of y'all
You can take the test in trusted falls
But you'll never be picked up by a know it all

Verse 2 (Red Pill)

Theres no instruction book to life
I can't be tested on
I find that peace can be impossible
With weapons drawn
The ground beneath me
Is the only rock I rested on
I never worry about the things i love
Unless they're gone
And that's my problem with life
Still haven't gotten it right
Too many puzzles to solve
And not an option in sight
You tend to start with the corners
Self conscious barking out orders
Follow that trail from behind
I need to start pushing forward
Cause when it all comes back around to me
The evils that's been hounding me
Chase me through a thousand dreams
And I suppose that's where it's grounded me
But also has confounded me
I feel it when the fountain bleeds
And when it all begins to fall apart
I follow heart
I call it life support
Most people like to call it art
Cause when the dawn begins to break
I think the audience is fake
I think the only thing that's left is me

Hook: (2x)

A Good Day 2 b the bad Guy
Not every nightmare comes true
Not every dream dies
But if it can happen like either or
Then so can two
Whats behind the second door
If the first was closed on you?

Verse 3 (Izzy Strange):

Well, It's looking like my work will never be finished
They looking at me like a j*rk
But why set the limits?
Why set the bar?
It's gonna be broker
Then any condition
No matter who you are
Crack a joke about wrecking my car
Conversations in a bar, will never leave the pub
So someone break me of a ticket stub
I wanna follow love
But been grubbing hate
Couldn't give a f**k or a shoulder shrug
No wonder why my stomach aches
Guess you are what you eat
Theres no art in mystique
I just usually beraid myself 7 days a week
7 sins of this beast
No dough
No rise without yeast
But they say trouble comes in three's
And it's
Just I, myself, and me
So shall we
Continue like we're bout to jump off of this balcony
Who doesn't have flaws ?
Who doesn't break laws?
So i'ma jack the gold off the bricks in this road
Time to get the hell outta Oz


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