2. Ya’ll Different lyrics


Bad decisions central, drugs in the rental
Goin crazy menstrual, this the greatest intro
God can't forget no, b*t*h ass ya know
Human eye finna, low and behold me
And my sigh Siamese, the more we say we bleed
Ass kissin, not me. use human centipede
I pull up my way like a door way
Stupid, you wait at the door way
The crowd can go fight up court place, we gon set up the whole way

I got a morning report K, master what wasn't my forte
Ordering more than usual horseplay, finna shoot em in 4k
Peanut butter need more jelly, police rubbin they pork belly
The future, theres no tellin it. the president is all wedding it
I got a mac wit a pinwheel, I put a crack in the windshield
Steadily actin a fool, grabbing my family jewels, Winfield
I take a lot of vacations, all the way down to the station
If I'm bein honest, I'm not. I make a promise to break it

Watch as I shutterbox demons, dump all the venom out, catalogue clean it
Groundhogs tellin this candidate seen it, and I'm pennin up, pennin out regions
Where the money is, I was born in the day they were judging them
Its gorilla in a cage in a monkey bin, picture me havin to live in a sufferin
I reach the heavens while I pile up, can't cut a collages
I'm bookin It like elijah, spin that h3 aqua

We'll go anywhere that accepts us
Stay in the ed bed n breakfast, necklace, infinity and beyond
Keep calm and prepare to defense us
She woke, he broke. free schmoke like my name was Aubrey
Live the dream, with the team, gettin cream and it ain't with coffee

Were in a new city every night
Were in a new city every night
I meet new people every night
Were in a new city every night
Were in a new city every night
Were in a new city every night
Were in a new city every night

Well theres like a right way....and a wrong way to approach us on that level. the wrong way is when you come up and your like hey do you remember me???

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