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Ruby da Cherry


[Verse 1: LIL CHOPPA]
Stay in the cut on the Northside
Hollow-points, trigger fingers on my f*cking .45
Demons risin' out the crypt, I snort me a fat line
Never gave a f*ck, grew up out the mud
Pull up, then I pop the trunk
Grew up with the f*cking robbers, always kept the mask on
Motherf*ckers gonna die if we keep the mask off
$uicide when I ride, b*tch, $carecrow the walking shadow
Mozart with no piano, kill when I'm Sleepy Hollow
That mystic motherf*cker that's addicted to prescriptions
Xanax for the panic, mental problems you can add in
Multi-million owned business—you just signed a deal, bruh?
Three years passed, still broke and you ain't paid up
Dollars I ain't touched yet, burn it for the f*ck of it
Infamous lunatic, you? You just suck di*k
Cut Throat with the deathwish, raised where the savage lives
Straight out the death pit, to keep alive the triple six

[Verse 2: YUNG MUTT]
Ruby such a Misfit (uh)
Hollywood Babylon, can't resist it (nah)
f*ck a cop, b*tch, I'm duckin' all these piglets (bop)
7th Ward be my motherf*cking district (7th Ward)
Yeah, I still got my motherf*ckin' wrist slit
Bleeding like a p*ssed b*tch
Schemin', I'ma hit licks
After lickin' hits of acid in her f*cking split lips
Wig split, just a f*ckin' tidbit
di*k itch from ingestin' pill bits
Blue bill sick of snortin' powder
I'ma ditch this hunnid for five twenties
TSA keep testin' my money, now I'ma dip quick (later)
Find me a thick b*tch (wait)
Tit gripped, tip gripped, di*k spit in her thick hips, f*ck
f*ck with me, b*tch, I'm a-f*cking-ddicted
And I don't really give a f*ck what it is
Told you already that Ruby can't resist it
Big clip to my head, watch that sh*t drip

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