$uicide Freestyle lyrics

Ruby da Cherry

Ayy, ayy, $uicide freestyle, ayy, ayy, ayy

Lately I've been feeling brainwashed
Like my soul is rubbing against the grain, lost in the same sauce
I would complain, but I'm wearing diamond chains
Cost more than I care to complain, uh, ayy
Lately I've been feeling out of character
b*t*h left 'cause I embarrassed her every day
I be like a thousand f**king miles away
Blowing dope reminding myself I'm the boss of the grey, ayy
Boarded a plane, what the f**k is a holiday?
Dreaming thru' the day
What were you saying? My mistake
It says three shots, some endless wish
I still heading away, message forever stressing
Living life every day, that's a day in the life

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