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"​untitled (country song)"

Lyrics from Snippet

Baby, you think you got it but you ain't got nothin'
Oh, woah
Oh, huh, huh
Oh, yeah
Wait, woah
sh*t, whoo! MM, woo
That's that sh*t, that sh*t, ay, ooh

[Verse 1]
I click Safari (I click that b*tch)
We shoot these knives, these n*ggas, we the peace (I keep that sh*t)
My whip so old, baby, my whip so old (I whip that b*tch)
My chest is numb, f*ck n*gga, my n*gga, my [?]
It's Goldman Sachs, my n*gga, we keep it cold
I change a life every time I hit the bowl
We can't be stopped, we killin' rock and roll, roll
My back, my neck, my chest, my face, this pain, it hurts (Oh)
It hurts

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