IMX Freestyle lyrics


Ohhhh mhmmm
All this cooking up, a n***a feel like superman
Don't know how I manage, n***a I be super stressed
I don't wife a b*t*h and f**k a shot at les
You can get the wide shot with the IMAX
Used to be immature now a n***a feel like IMX (Wait)
How these n***as started acting black in '28
Talking down on Peggy but you grew up in a gate
Fire and desire, took my blicky on a date
These suburban n***as ain't really hungry and I done ate
I do this cus i have to, you do this cus you
Look a minute ah, put these suckas in they place
Killer Instinct, ice on me like glaciеr
Body slam the beat, I'm a young Jake Hagеr
Late to register, but f**k it n***a we major
b*t*h, stop runnin' you is not Ralph Nader
Spit up in the ass, she talk to me like a hater (Wet)
Lookin for respect
Load up the tech b*t*h, take it off my neck
Know a n***a blessed cus my daddy never prayed for less
Sleep with a vet (Yea)
Bald head n***a, when i spit up in her ass she gon call me Lex
I feel like Jordan vs Thomas (Cmon), n***as gettin swept
n***as who never believed in me steady seeing red
Like at the cold text
Been on this horse for a while, guess I'm Bojack
Ima sleep when I die, hope you know that
I'm diggin deep, I gotta recoup, I better own that
I gotta say what's on my mind, f**k the blowback
I know the swine at the priest sayin "Ha, lil peggy where ya coat at?"
Big business
Smoking Billy K, dressed like libsh*ts
Look watch ya enemies fail, I gotta hitlist
I ran a dead cop audio through ***
That's just the casualties of war, It's never cryptic
I break the fourth wall, n***as stay scripted
But look we comin for you, now can you dig it

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