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AM (410)

"Really Do Road"

Hold tight my 410 n*ggas innit

[Verse 1: Rjay]
Ring trap everyday, tell my young g buss that draw
And if you catch an opp lacking lil n*gga don't talk just bore
Said they want war with the mandem, said they want war with the 4's
Them n*ggas talk too much like them n*ggas don't want war
I used to be local, now I take hella trips for the money
Might down rap for the ambience, might down lane for the sunny
sh*t is not a joke, if I back out the ting they're running
Young Rendo with the choo, tell my n*gga don't talk just bun him
And if you don't make P's on the road, my brother you're a jokeman
And if you talk about beef on the roads, my young g assault man
Man a got cash for days, and man a got gyal on the lingo
Man a just beat man gyal, man a might have to beat man's ting bro
But then it's back to the trap, flick packs, better know I got a whole load of them
Breaking out 10's
Them boy they're gems
We can never be friends
Like f*ck your ends
And f*ck your friends
It's ring trap to the ends

[Verse 2: Skengdo]
Kick down doors and run up in house
Roll with the robbers it's mad
Hammers on deck, no face no case, like darg I ain't tryna get grabbed
Big dipper on me, I poke up a don who thinks he's bad
They try link up with the opps, now they're p*ssed they're beefing the 'dads
Got things on things, it's mad
Them boy they dashing
They don't want it from man
They say it's the truth, but I've never seen man
Like AM will shake that can
Pressurise that, hear it go bang
Just hear it go bang
Your young boy's got that thing, he's taller than you but he's running from man
Ten toes stepping with a green ballie with a chef cos I do it with gang
0.8 in the Ben, only my n*ggas are seeing the grams
Claim that you're on me
Well I beg you please stop running from man
They had Young Ren, so certy
Don't want no beef, they're nerdy
And they soon get smoked like Percy
They talk about me
Talk about me best hashtag lurky
Snap in the ends, big whips all swervy
Mr roll with the rah
I got a new ting cos the last was dirty

[Verse 3:AM]
I am the A
I am the M
Free S9, got nicked for the skeng
18 years been out on the 10
And if you try come everyting get dead
Man got the worms
Thought you should know
When it gets hot everyting must go
Cats in the room but they want that snow
Shutdown shop, everyone go home
I don't wanna hear no chat
Why you gonna lie like that
Cah you got sent OT
Then you got sent right back
Everytime I see them man
I ain't trying to shake no hands
I'm just gonna buss my gun
And take those grams
I ain't gotta say too much
Man chat sh*t, get touched
Came round there, came in a four door truck
When they see man they cut
They ain't on p*ss, n*ggas ain't got no guts
n*ggas shoulda went upsuh
Now they affi run, now they affi run from us
Now they affi run from us
When are they gonna learn
When I bring shots they burn
When I bring shots they burn
Send a man home, you don't wanna see no worms
You don't wanna see no worms
Man best smile when you walk in the mains
Spill man's juice all over the place
More time I heard that you were lipsing a whore
I'll put juice all over her face

[Outro: Skengdo]
It's mad
410 sh*t, yeah
f*ck the opps, yeah
Free S9, free Steggs, free FA
Free all the f*cking mandem
f*ck the opps

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