Dogs In The Reservoir lyrics


[Intro: Curren$y]
I'm with you bro

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Cruising in my 30's best shape of my life
Michelin S jersey, some light ice
Micro pendant, VV's in it this Jet Life
Can't complain about a thing cause my sh*t nice
Switch lanes like J and Jermaine
Gunning through red lights
New Orleans to the Alaskan turnpike
All night 'til we get it right
Recount it again down to the last cent
I got plans to be bigger than I already am
Jet Life radio 420 fm tuned in
Cause they know that Imma hit 'em with that cool sh*t
Post a pic of my new kicks on outfit grid
You could run up on us and you get out did
Might get laid down like them stick up kids
Gotta (?) listen to gangsta Gibbs
Straight player (?) on how I live
Peep how I slid
Like Karate Kid
Daniel son
Car stunts drop tops in the sun
Bout to split like a blunt but I don't smoke them
I got a cone full of funk from Dr. Greenthumb
Roll one up you sleep son
Can't puff with the G's son, you better leave son
Clouds of weed is all we breathing
Money to the ceiling all we seeing
A G all my life you wouldn't know the feeling
East side on mine

[Bridge: Curren$y]
The jeans
The jeans fit
With Spider Man with the Marvel comics
I know how much this sh*t costs
I was like this b*t*h Wacko
The I seen you on Canal Street in a Bentley
You was like b*t*h I'm going to Houston tomorrow
Blew my brains out
It was like you told me you was going to f**king Bermuda
That b*t*h Wacko like I'm going to Houston tomorrow
I was like f**k this b*t*h Wacko going to f**king Houston tomorrow
The Spider Man Ecko jean jacket my n***a
Its like a 500 dollar jean fit

[Verse 2: Wacko]
Rose gold (?) with the boogers in it
Dress sh*t two tone wraith with the fully in it
Six chains balling like Killah Stone woulda did it
Low ride the 6-2-tre like Tooki in it
Raw paper filled with a whole lot of cookie in it
Spitta built an empire like Luscious and Cookie did it
And y'all don't know the half of the sh*t that it took to get it
You gotta put your heart in this sh*t if you're trying to live it
Been rocking thousand dollar jeans before Balmain
Red Market throwback jersey with the Jordans
Black Aston Martin young balling like Harden
On the tour bus blowing, writing rhymes on the walkman
Dodging all the (?) cause they get wilder than Tarzan
I been focused on that paper since BBD made Poison
Cause I'm trying to feed the homeless and break some bread with the orphans
The son of Abraham and its got me feeling important

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