[Chorus: Bas]
I never thought it’d be this
I’m jumpin' out of your arms
I land and fall in a pit
Is this what they call the abyss?
I fought and clawed for an inch
Turned into miracle mile
I can recall when your lips
Used to contort into smiles
Bright as the sun that’s drawn an eclipse
I haven’t seen light in awhile
Hasn’t been bright in awhile

[Post-Chorus: Bas & FKJ]
Risk (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
Risk (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)

[Verse 1: Bas]
Even days when you mad at me (Mad at me...)
You the one to give me clarity (Clarity...)
A testament to your character (Character...)
On your birthday you told me to donate money to charity
You are made of sincerity ('cerity...)
And got cake like Sara Lee
You tether me when my stress start burying me
You are the one to take care of me
I’m so gone, that conclusion foregone that confuse you
I'm weary of war zones, this tour long
I’m ready to go home, I’m ready for your bed
Can you comb my hair out so it don’t dread?
I just want my head rubbed
I don’t want a mixtape
I just want the best of
I just wanna get grub, from our spot again
But do the odds work in our favor?
Stay down, escape town
Head low and face down
Like a kenneled greyhound
Doing God’s work in the devil's playground
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