Celly Ru
[Verse 1: Yowda]
I'm on Highway 165 in my bucket
I just picked up two sixty-five out of Kentucky
Yowda right, with this trap sh*t I'm legendary
Free my n***as, five percent the profit goes to commissary
I used to use the stove just to heat the house
Got some dope, now that same stove I use to feed the house
She ain't a loyal broad if she ain't down to take the case
F**k eatin' with me man, I need a b*t*h to bring the plate
I'm trapping hard state to state with a few n***as
You recognize they face 'cause I don't do no new n***as
No bodyguards here, it's just body armor
And your n***as hard, that's cool, I know some n***as harder
The way the work jumps you think I whipped with holy water
Try to jack me, I send you to your holy father
The plug house and the pen is just a trip away
This forty triple-A, I feel like I'm a flip away

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
You get popped, you ask where you from
Hell Gang motherf**ker
Hell Gang like a motherf**ker
It's Hell Gang motherf**ker
You get popped, you ask where you from
Hell Gang motherf**ker
Hell Gang like a motherf**ker
It's Hell Gang motherf**ker
You know I been hustling baby
I promise I come from the struggle
I promise I fumbled, I fumbled
I ran it back up, I'm runnin' it baby
I buy all the syrup in Yankees
My youngin illiterate maney
He'll shoot off your face if you make him
If he shoot off your face I'ma pay him
My A-list is callin' from Tracy
These b*t*hes they love me then hate me
These b*t*hes they hate me then love me
Shout out to Preemo, the package was lovely
Rubber band finna bust off of these hundreds
I'm thumbin' and thumbin', in love with the money
Thumbin' and thumbin', in love with the money
Thumbin' and thumbin', in love with the money, hah
Fingernails hella cruddy
That means I had to get it out the mud
Sacrifice for this cherry clean, you gotta understand it's pure love
Mama clean from them drugs
But I'm still in need of them drugs
Still in need of this firearm
'Cause I still reside in these slums, ahh
[Verse 3: Hitta J3]
I can't give no information, rockin' any situation
Bub sittin' in the bounty, thinkin' 'bout that time he facin'
I done seen homies bleed, left a puddle on the pavement
Crime rate be raisin', bullets hit, don't graze 'em
Red nose pitbulls, fragments left on they skull
Feed him tool, got it pulled, had to start back eatin' on him
Pour an eight up, I can tell him how that dirty taste
Stairway to heaven, make 'em climb over the pearly gates
Round trips takin' flights, into another state
Better hope he on your side when it come to judgement day
Four thousand for the rent, this should be enough
Better be willing to take a chance to eat with us
Blammer on standby, every day I keep it tucked
Oh you're buying birds, tell papi we should keep in touch
Only thing I give a f**k about granny health
Raised me on her own without my mama or my daddy help

[Verse 4: Celly Ru]
Money over faggot b*t*hes, had it before I had the b*t*hes
I don't split half with b*t*hes, never show your stash to b*t*hes
In the trap spot with dirty carpets, dope, and half the dishes
You just want the pu**y, I'm just tryna get the cash from b*t*hes
Shooters with me if it's ugly, 'cause I know some n***as want me
Real recognize real so all the real n***as love me
Slow down on the sliding just so I can get a lil money
Drillin' by myself but got some n***as that'll drill 'em for me
Put it on the line for my side and the ones before me
Sh*t ain't been the same in my hood since we lost the homie
Slide with nothing less than forties, or it better have a fifty
N***as say they tryna get me, throwin' shots the n***as miss me
Real n***as f**k with me, they tappin' in in every city
Collect the traffic from the hooker, know I'm takin' every penny
Shooter Gang shooting sh*t, shout out to my ruler tips
I don't f**k with snitches, how he snitchin' and you cool with it?