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"The Rain Princess"

Let me tell you a fairytale
A tale of which no one’s ever heard
Inside the forest, inside the rain
Two lonely flowers met

Yet despite the storm
Laughs were exchanged between the pair, drowning out every thoughts
Heavy howls of wind, rustling of leaves
Memories of the long-lost past

Ever since I was born
Not once a warmth was sent to me, not a single piece of love
"She is just a monster, a white demon!"
The whispers that ring in my head

So I continued
The path that I had chosen, not glancing back even once
In the shade of trees, sat down with a sigh
Looking up, I held back my tears

Just like any day
I looked out my window and saw
The greyness of the sky, not a bird in the sky

Then suddenly, a loud crash was heard, on the cold ground, a silhouette fell
Just as the clouds began to pour
The boy opened up his eyes

A gentle warmth welcomed him
"Are you okay?"- The next thing that he heard
Gave out a hand for him to hold
But why does his tears still fall?

Ever since I was born
A harsh fate was thrown at me due to the white that my hair wears
And so I just ran, not once looking back
From the place that I once called "home"

Until a day that I met
A girl who shared my sorrow, living deep beyond the forest's path
A hair as white as snow, flowing in the wind
With a smile, she held out her hand

Rain began to fall
Sounds of rushing heartbeats blended into the eerie atmosphere
As we continued talking
Drowning out the sound of the storm that's roaring outside

The times that we've shared
How could I ever forget? Happiness, which I had sought
Was right in front of me

So would you, my dear rain princess
Please stand by me, and I will promise you
A knight I'll become just for you
Two anemones in the rain

We shall never be splitted apart
Crushing the fate that had once been set
Hold my hand, and we will walk the path
Leading to an eternal dream

And so, the rain had stopped
The blue sky returned again
Time is ticking by
Their journey has begun

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