The Monochrome Mentality lyrics


[Verse 1: VFlower]
Gather ‘round for all to see
The hideous atrocities
Committed by this individual
They don’t care what’s right or wrong
Let’s put them right where they belong
This law-defying individual

Latching on to contraventions
And once they are exposed we will annihilate them
The violations
To those of you they have infected
I’m calling out the roster of acc*mulating
Unsavory sins

[Chorus: VFlower]
Come on, get it over with
Toss the poison down the hatch
Their decomposed integrity with a rotten soul to match
And if it were up to me, I’d hang them by the neck
I think that I can testify we’d rather have them dead

[Verse 2: Gumi]
Hear me out
It’s all untrue
Hey, tell me what they’ve done to you
This unsuspecting individual
Look around, they’ve done no wrong
So put them back where they belong
This well-intentioned individual

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