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Ayy CZR, you did a mazza still
6 Shell

Open the door, its the Police

[Verse 1: Lzz]
Q of both and a Vodafone, I can get that strip banging (Banging)
Smoke in the ride, it weren’t no hot box, it was me and Dee that brang it (Drillers)
Smoke squad, we be on the opp block, touring around tryna find these faggots (Where they at?)
LL that's bro from kway, and when he steps in the story's tragic
It was me and him tryna catch us a K, all now we ain't stopped banging
Bro got 25 just the other day it’s got man stressing, he said he'll manage (3' Kayy)
I was on the ride that day, but I can't tell you what happened
I was dishin' smoke in front of the feds, I could have ended up on the landing (Shh Shh Shh)
If I go broke that's a no no, line man up and clear his pockets (No way)
All these bridges I burnt, cause I weren’t makin' enough profit
Im on the ride with A team lurking, I can’t stop it, I swear I love it
I turned into a dotty fiend, but first time I step with the pocket (rocket)
But now lemme show you suttin' bout shottin'
Bro whipped work in the kitchen, re rocks it adds maj and locks it
I was in OT serving, I got pulled and they didn’t find nothing
I'm like 4 packs up lay low, 1's out if I get pulled, I'm plugging

[Verse 2: Dabz]
Dem man don't do drills (They don't)
Tryna show me where the pressure from (Where?)
I swear Jay said Gashy help (Help me)
He looked back like nah it's long (That’s long)
And right now, I'm real confused, they don't drill work, just lie in songs (You liar)
I swear Sheggie got shegged in the field, his knife works sh*t, he waved it wrong
I do bootings like 007 (Double O), my mumma should’ve named me Bond
Or Potter see the way that I wave this wand
He turned corner. then another. now thinkin where this paigon gone (Where he go?)
Back to trap I go
Mash bands for the bread you know, pop them doors and we done him up viscous
Never seen a scared boy run so slow
Run fat boy run, he got 6, if you know then you know
Wagwan for these unknown yutes, jumped on road cuz their friends in zoots
Everybody got a hunting knife but they ain't got bodies they ain't hunting right
Me and Tee in the back of the ride with a ting that spins, like the London eye
No way can I cop me a one pop I wouldn't know what to do with one
Me and Latts and we're riding dirty in a Peugeot 201
Oh sh*t I meant 206, who thought life would’ve been like this
Swing my shank at a grown man’s chest, watch him twirl if I don't miss
Samurai stars that’s me, he ain't chinged sh*t is he taking a p*ss
Samurai stars that’s me he ain't chinged sh*t is he taking a p*ss (He ain't chinged sh*t is he taking a p*ss)

[Verse 3: Latts]
Bad man like Blacka, wet man down like bro Young Hunts (3' hunts)
Lurking, final tracah, It's all right when I do man wrong (What’s goodie)
Me go broke that's a mazza, I'll burn that bridge before I build one
Take man's grub and funds, back to the ends and change my numb (My number)
Roll safe in the narsty field, or get chinged with your baby mum (Swing them shanks)
And bro dun tanned that yute, same time he tanned his mum
CB thats bro, my blood, if he gets touch let it rip, bare hands (No gloves no gloves)
And gyal wanna suck my nuts, bruck their back and take off pants (haha)
16 that was me in the trap, pack banked all for bands
I was in cell 22 with the mash, half 7 I cover my flat
Fresh home and I still wan’ bang (Crash)
How many got got by gang (How many?)
I done wet man down for fun, how you gunna ask bout the drills I done ( I did)
Bout smoke your name up hype, slap corn at everyone
Rev this 125, how many got put in his Headie One or two or three (HUH!?)
Minus 2, how long ‘till we make it three (How long?) Chest shot crew and the whole block love it

Ayy CZR, you did a mazza still

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