Trials & Tribulations
[Verse 1: Ang P]
See in my younger days I used to sport a sag/ Not because a fad because a problem that my mama and my father had/ Hand me downs, hand me downs, mama’s working, dad’s around/ Living in between my aunt and uncle’s and my granny’s house/ My grandmother…was a nurse up at the hospital/ Only one that we could count on make sure the pot’s was full/ Came from Arecibo, Puerto Rico not a lot to lose, but had a lot teach/ At her deathbed still givin’ a lot to me that’s why a man is what I got’s to be/ My fam is who I got’s to feed/ Man it’s crazy I only grew up…and my family giving props to me/ I’m like man…how my family giving props to me?/ ‘Cuz I ain’t even did sh*t/ Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a little bit different/ I’m like my pops out on a mission, listen/ We all on got dirt on our soul not everything gold and glistens/ Focus on your hopes and wishes, why you think they makin’ soap for dishes?/ So you can wash it off, everybody’s road is different/ Knock it off homie you ain’t no different/ Until somebody knocks you off homie you ain’t gon’ get it/ Real sh*t man/

[Verse 2: Ang P]
Last year was one hell of a year let me tell ya’/ Never felt more like a winner, never felt more like a failure/ Never felt more like a sinner and that’s the kind of sh*t I’m scared of/ When the devil tryna get ya’ that’s the sh*t to be prepared for/ It’s easy to do bad I could do that by myself/ But when you tryna win with fam n***a that’s somethin’ else/ Everybody got they own problems yeah we all got ‘em/ Thanks for gettin’ us up out the f**king hood mama/ ‘Cuz these days who knows where the f**k we’d be/ Could’a been a chance that my mother already buried me/ That’s real spit that’s why my click be on some real sh*t/ Somethin’, something, somethin’ somethin’ I know you feel this/ I know you feel that too/

[Verse 3: Ang P]
I been on the go for like a week straight/ At the airport watching Sportscenter replays/ Thinkin’ ‘bout how many different ways to get me paid/ ‘Cuz ‘round here…There ain’t no Clearance House Sweepstakes/ N***a we out here strugglin’, n***a we out here buggin’/ N***a we out here with my cousins, uncles and brothers/ Sisters, aunties and mothers/ If you don’t f**k wit’ us nah we don’t f**k wit’ you others, nah we don’t f**k wit’ you suckas/ Can’t walk a day in my Chuckas look at the scuff from the struggles and scuffles/ Like Ali we shuffle through rumbles/ And it’s hard to be humble when adversity bitin’/ You try to speak your mind and it feel like you’re fightin’/ Man this sh*t could be frightenin’ when your back to the wall/ Your team steadily climbing but that’s a bigger fall/ So we sit back, hit tree, dreamin’ of Golden Geese/ Life’s a struggle man I’m hoping that I go in peace/