Mrs. Dees’ Rant lyrics


Mrs. Dees:
When I was a maiden truly
Such dreams would fill my head
I thought I'd marry a goodly man
To keep me warm in bed

A goodly man, a shapely man of noble heart and true
Instead I married a shipyard man and now the rent is always overdue

Mrs. Dees and Women:
I thought I'd marry the parson

Mrs. Dees:
To help me say my prayers

Mrs. Dees and Women:
And once I got up off my knees

Mrs. Dees:
He'd chase me up the stairs

Mrs. Dees and Women:
Or I thought I'd marry the butcher's lad

Mrs. Dees:
To bring me Sunday's meat

Mrs. Dees and Women:
But instead I married a shipyard man

Mrs. Dees:
Sometimes a girl just has to eat
I might have wed the baker's boy
We'd make a house of bread
We wouldn't lack for yeast or flour
To keep our hungry passions fed

I might have married a doctor, he'd give me penicillin
And every time he smiled at me I'd show him I was willin'

Mrs. Dees & Women:
A goodly man, a shapely man
Selfless, kind, and wise
An honest man, a paragon
Who'd never tell me lies
No wolf in shepherd's clothing
No master of disguise
So why did I marry a shipyard man?

Mrs. Dees:
He should have picked on someone his size
Oh I could have wed a collier man

Mrs. Dees & Women:
He'd keep a lassie fit

Mrs. Dees:
Whenever it was cold outside

Mrs. Dees & Women:
We'd keep those fires lit

Mrs. Dees:
Or I might've married a millionaire

Mrs. Dees & Women:
He'd know what I would like
Instead I married a shipyard man

Mrs. Dees:
And he's always out on strike
Yet all the times you've said you're through
When both your eyes are black and blue
And though we wish it wasn't true
Before we get to say amen or
Calm our nerves and count to ten
It really is beyond our ken
Despite it all

Mrs. Dees and Women:
We love our shipyard men

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