Kenny Mason


Okay (This sh*t hard)
Yup, yup, yup
Ayy, hi ya!

[Verse 1: Jelani Imani]
You know, that's a ritual
I'm not religious 'cause I'm individual
I need a balance
That pu**y is clinical
Write me a script
Babygirl, let me visit you
[?] n***as can't see me
I do this sh*t in my sleep, call me dreamy
I'm doing me, ain't it no one between it
No, I don't fake it
I'm [?]
Beating that boof, smoking a pack
[?] my eyes looking lazy

[Bridge: Jelani Imani]
Uh-we, way so f**king groovy, baby
Uh-we, Tarantino movie, baby
Uh-we, why you n***as goofy, ayy
Uh-we, way so f**king groovy, ayy
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