Kenny Mason

Okay cool

We grew wings n***a
Brand new wings n***a
Brand new team n***a
Point blank flow and it's like a brand new beam hit ya
Watch new gleam glisten
Light blue jeans over them white new cleans
Kicking your ass
Every time I'm turning 22
I told the best version of me I'm turning into you
I'm burning my last blunt and I'm burning n***as too
Wasn't born with more talent
I was born with more love
You taking it for granted
Still got the hardest flow
Even if yours granite
And it's all organic
No steroids added
Feeling like Jordan
A scoreboard addict
In the air
Like a cold hand
? for sure
You know I practice daily
I gotta stay on my toes for thе day that Barkley play me
Just one can bе called the greatest
This for my young n***a Smokey sparking outside of Grady
This for the future me know that that sh*t was long awaited
These hoes give me nothing but energy
I'm a sucker for chemistry
She gon' suck every kin from me
Gotta stunt for the enemy
Buy a gun from my enemies
Either duck or get hit with these similes
Know I'm armed like a centipede
Rest in peace to ? dawg I'm bugging out
The same knife used to cut your slice will cut you out
So I don't f**k around
I do this sh*t on my own
Making sure that I own the songs that I'm putting out
I shed tears for my desire
I acquired this talent from years of staying quiet
In my room I was thinking of mills I'm on the diet
Tell the higher ups I'm on they hills n***a like Heidi
I'm tryna perfect it
Tryna balance being clever with lines of perspective
They tried to tell me being honest is not as effective
I guess they told yo ass the same cuz you lie for attention
See you ain't got your own mind so you minding my business
Trying out gimmicks
Lying on twitter
My name you dying to mention
Cool bruh
I know I made them respect me more
It's amazing how often I am making them check the score
Got the ball again
I'm taking this sh*t serious
I'm taking all your fans
It's all apart the plan
I don't wanna go where they at
I'm going further than
Everybody assuming something that you want from them
Get over yourself
I don't need handouts
The ones you n***as need probably cost an arm and a leg fr
It only take one smart guy to believe in me
And even he could beat it if he thinking greedily
I do this easily
I see the vision too clear
You boys ain't real man you weird
I taught myself to do this
I bought myself some new gear
I'm bout to switch a few gears
I'm dunking all of you b*t*hes
I broke the glass like Jewish
? I'm married to it
My n***as hype like you it
My momma proud like true that
You n***as try to move in
Then Scottie might just shoot it
You know that's Pippen b*t*h
I know he wanna be Jordan
I see the penmanship
Guess we gotta go head to head
That's for the rest of you n***as
You gotta give up that bread
Ain't no other n***as
It's me and him and win or lose
That's my brother n***a
We almost crashed finding out about your mother n***a
I'm ? we discovered n***a
I still didn't know how to talk
Or have that discussion with ya
Just know I love you n***a
And you can always treat my mother
Like your mother n***a
If you need to you can call, kiss or hug a n***a
Sometimes I can't look at you when all them drugs get in ya
But I don't judge you n***a
My mother f**king brother n***a
Whoever heard of an angel that can't believe in God
I came to even odds
I think I'm Steven Jobs
I fell in love with my teacher at 17 and thought
I know she on the staff but
I think she need the rod
I know you n***as not as hungry
You just got the munchies
Me, I'm a walking zombie
I'm on the block with monkeys
sh*t is real
This not Jumanji
You know I came for the party n***a
This not Kehlani
Play a lot but not with money
Shout out to Money
Shout out to anyone supporting
I never want anyone to feel like they not important
I'm having fun with this sh*t
That's what it takes to be the one in this
You gotta love the sport as much as Michael Jordan
20 threes from the 3 point line
That's a 60 point lead n***a please throw shots
Sick enough to play sick
No I don't need no shot
She see my tongue in the air
Hope you coming prepared
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