Pyro lyrics

Kenny Mason

No, wait
Woah, Kenny
Step aside
I'm going to show you how it's done
Hit it

My b*t*h bad like battle rappers that make albums with no outcome
X the middleman, no Malcolm
Where's the Talc*m? Powder, when I smack n***as
Palm itchin', Napalms, we bomb business
Battle the strategist, it's just a game of battleship
Nayvadious the futuristic version of an avid kid
Actavis, everybody lean on me
Got them bags full of goodies like I'm CeeLo Green
Who the f**k tryna mob out?
I been on my job, no need to call out
Turn your crib into a game of Fallout
You put me in the water, bet I crawl out
Alligator swag, can't do with the navigator swag (Indirection)
Viewer discretion upon my beat selection
You came with aggression, now your neck gon' need protection
(Py-pyrotechnics) Watch 'em come with the water hose
Make it rain on the b*t*h, that's how you water hoes
Make it rain with the clip for those that all oppose
Put they face in the box inside a centerfold
Fire flows like I'm red and white Mario
Zeltron out the barrio, cold as Ontario
These n***as hysterical, I'm historical
I am the oracle, I been know what's in store for you

No, wait
I told you, that you can't f**k with this
This is God-level sh*t

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