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Kid Cudi

"Intro (A Kid Named Cudi)"

Goddamn n***a, watch your feet
Chill out man
With your big ass head
You gon sit right in front of me
Get f**ked up
Huh?, Nah man, them sh*ts is nasty
Chill man, get your own sh*t
Huh? Babe, I'm at the movies right now
Damn n***a, why you got so much butter on this sh*t?
Nah, I'm gonna come by later and get that though
Yeah, have you seen this sh*t?
Supposed to be good tho
Get your hand outta my pocket
Let me holla at you, the movie is about to start
Oh my god, what the f**k, do you smell that?
Damn, shh, yo
Pat, shh, chill dude
Damn, what the f**k?
Chill out
sh*t's started
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