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Julia Holter

"Les Jeux to You"

Yell out the shorter epithet
If you remember the order of the letters
'Cause I'm far away
I'm lonesome now, need the tender sound

Blue is it that I hope you'll say
How do I know what I think until I say it?
Air once nameless treasure
Then I'll be on my way again
What makes you think you can wait till 9?
Can't you play along?
Know the bubonic in the ice
I can't turn away
The old game you have to follow the rules
The clock is ticking, there's no other spiel to hum to
Morning intoning something blue

I can hope for it today
I wonder, though
If my heart tells me everything I need

I see, I no, I yes, I you
I ace, I hi, I say, I low
I run, I fall, I can, I true
I fool, I fog, I bad, I blue
I knew, I can, I blood, I food, I grow
I eyes, I shirt, I mind, I room
I si, I tho, I sex, I jeu, I nice, I hey, I ay, I show
I fun, I tall, I man, I knew
I cool, I bog, I sad, I clue, I blew, I van
I mud, I nude, I throw, I wise, I curt, I find, I neume

The letters are far out
Help me to the blue
I'm lonesome

I'm game
I go
I want
I can't resist um

Ain't I so bad I have to wait so long?
Like a good evening I lie mute and underwater
But I come up for air
Where is the meaning mean freedom?

When your word there's a consequence
You finally saying wasn't what I really needed
But I know today
I feel the life in the bluing light
What vulgar latin is spoke with shame?
All these laws here
So undernourished in the dark
I can't turn away
I'm stunned by what I wasn't saying new
Give me a mountain with snow that I can run through
Be a good listener though

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