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Faith Evans

"Ocean of Dreams..."

All I need
All I need is this music
My dignity
My respect

Really im a urban legend
Approached the game just a different method
Shoutout to god I can't forget the blessings
My life a movie singleton directed
Just living life to the fullest my n*gga thats the only way to tell it
Talk to em
Now let the cameras roll
Manifest I made a list of goals
Knocked em off
Get this money bout to get some sum mo
Count up
My own lane See I ain't never have alot of friends
f*ck em
The black sheep of my city im still setting trends
All money all hustle get it while im young
Young n*gga
And I just turnt 26 and had my first son
Whatup Kari
Putting on I got the city on my back now
Long distance thank god I neva turnt around
Keep going
Look at my progression still up and coming
And really im jus tryna win so why they hating on me
Hatin ass n*gga
Fire up this swisher gone smoke sumn
Rap game im bout to blow and make the most of it
Make the most of it
Most of it

All I neeeeeed
All I neeeeeed
Get this money
Making this music
Is a ocean of dreams baby
Taking care of the fam
Im living right now
All I neeeeed
All I neeeeed
Thats All I need
Is a ocean dreams baby

This for my n*ggas thats hustling
Take some weight off ya shoulder
Young n*gga
Pray for better days
Hard to function when ya sober
Pray up
I can forgive but can't forget
How can I forget
Thinking about all the risk
Cuz I dun sacrificed it all
But I just wanna balllllllll
Takin shots back to back
Popped this jigga im rollin pockets loaded
Smokin marijuana to focus
Im losing my n*ggas been takin losses
Im tired of seeing coffins
I got post tramatic stress
I dun seen so many deaths
What the f*ck
In the essence of the living I got so many feelings
Got so many feeeelings
Look out my family and look out for my n*ggas
I got b*tches I ain't smashed yet checks that i ain't cashed yet
Pretty truths and ugly lies I can't keep the pain inside
Take it up outta me with this sh*t that I’m blowing
God I hope you hear me feeling weak I can't focus
On my own as a man im mixing strains
Mixing strainssss
Ocean of dreams all in my handssssss

All I neeeeeed
This dream I can't give it up
All I neeeeeed
Man its so bittersweet coming out on top
Its a ocean of dreams baby
Being from the bottom
Ocean of dreams baby
Man everything im going through right now
Alll i neeeeeed
Alll i neeeeeed
Create something beautiful out of this
All this pain man
This ain't all for nothing
Its a ocean of dreams baby
Yeah stay at it no matter what
All i neeeeeeeeed
All i neeeeeeeeed
Haha dedication is essential
How much longer baby
Its a ocean of dream baby

All I neeeeeed
All I neeeeeed

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