Cave In lyrics

Bryce Fox

[Verse 1]
What do you hear when a wolf cries?
He's beggin' for mercy after howling at the sky
You hope there's some truth left in his lies
He's holdin' you back now, you can't look me in the eyes

What do you do when you got love that don't love you back?
It's like you don't hear me anymore

I-I-I cave in, I cave in
I-I-I cave in, I cave in
I think every day
There's a different wave
Write another end to the story
So, I-I-I cavе in

(Oh, why, why)

[Verse 2]
Why do we still act so surprised?
We livе in a place where we both were left behind
Despite all of the reasons that we tried
Yeah, we're left in the dark where you can't look me in the eyes

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