French Montana & Max B
All I Wanna
Elephants don't swing through trees!
They don't? Well what am I thinking of?
Well in that case....

[Intro: Max B]
Let's start some sh*t off like this
Boss Don Biggavel, macaroni with the cheese, let's go

[Verse 1: Max B]
I don't really love these hoes
All I do is smoke sour diesel
Driving in the third lane, riding on Byrdgang
B*t*h, me and Frenchy we working, squirt things
Bigger than your leg, i'ma pump one in your head
Get the big chef in the game, you b*t*hes give me my spread!
Got me a brand new drop, and some brand new rocks, lookin nice
Cooking, let mama know the price
See the quarter stroll, no bullsh*t
N***a why you spending all ya money on furnish?
Cause my ma, I earned it, its not your concern what I do with it
I can do a brick, we can kick it and shoot the sh*t
Coming through looking all clean, all the b*t*hes like to fiend for the d**k
I'm just trying to get in between
Get em on the lean while he greasy
Shouts to my n***a Al Peezly
N***a this is easy...give me my money!
[Hook: M.I.A]
All I wanna do is *Bang Bang Bang Bang*
And *Click* *Ka-Ching*
And take your money [x4]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Homie grind all day, never took a off day
Tell them haters give me room, n***a get em off me
They don't wanna stake up, everyday I wake up
Bagging up the bud, homie, then smoke the shake up
Puff puff then fly like a plane
Reminiscing over time n***a riding on the train
Now you open the garage, it's a lotta nice things
Woke up today alive so I really can't complain
It don't happen when you want, it happen when it's supposed to be
Lost my close n***as, so my heater right close to me
I don't know n***as but you see that they notice me
Paranoid, ready to shoot a n***a approaching me
[?] be the illest, you riding with the realest
Get the brown bag then drive it out the dealer
I got the streets, can't take it from me
All I wanna do is take ya money, coke boy!

[Hook: M.I.A]
All I wanna do is *Bang Bang Bang Bang*
And *Click* *Ka-Ching*
And take your money [x4]
[Outro: French Montana]
Max what up?
It's that Coke Wave baby!
My n***a Max Spaghettilinsky
You already know!
Coke wave, you sniff me?