French Montana & Max B
No, No, No (Hey We Love You)
Yeah, try tell these n***as, man
Montana, uhh! We'll find you, we'll bomb on you f**k n***as

Got yo b*t*h
Got yo b*t*h with that poligrip receipt, n***a
F**k widchyo boy

[Hook x2: Max B]
No, No, No, No, No
Hey let me love you

You n***as can't even breathe. You n***as dropping duds

What you doin', baby? Gain Greene, Coke Wave

Your next album should be stain 'em floors, f**k n***as
We hear everything goin' on, n***a
You n***as lookin' despicable out there (bomb on you)
You know what it is. Run with us or get ran the f**k over
Coke Wave!

[Verse 1 : French Montana]
Dreams is vivid, work hard to live it
Everywhere we go we gotta land there
How can n***as stand there and say we sound like 'em?
My n***a Max facing 30 years of his [?]
Self to the streets, told them n***as f**k the radio
N***a, I'm the truth
F**k you think 'Kon sign me for?
Get a glimpse, Larry Flint
Robe and the hoes don't get scent
You know its yo n***a French
Really do it, still stuntin' when the cameras off
Cut 'em all shapes like the b***ons on my a***og
Coke Wave catalog like busted up
Mak Mustard up, Montana f**ked 'em up
B*t*h got my d**k hard like a Rottweiler
Pull the spaceships out, you know the cops follow
Cost a Louie, lets make a movie, I'm top shotta
Biggs and Wayne(?) can't complain, we (top dogs)

[Verse 2 : Max B]
Did that hey
You n***as like whipped cream
I been livin' the big dream
See me through the visual, big shot pinnacle
I'm savin' my receipts
Your condition is critical
Get it patched up, call a first-aid kit
You n***as livin' a lie
Baby, you need skits? (skits) Hello!
Push big Coupes, I push big loops that's yellow
Motherf**k you, f**k your fellow
N***as still sh*t. Get the mellow
That ain't me
Heard you wavy in the penthouse
That ain't P
That ain't D, that ain't Blue Magic
Mommy want us to have it
Pull it out and then grab it
Do the d**k right like the first time
Knew we had it right from the first line
Coke wave, n***a, what's your dope wave?
My whole stay quarter past 3 in the mornin'
My b*t*hes gets the callin'. Ballin!

[Hook x2]