Cricket and the Genie (Movement I - The Delirium) lyrics

The Claypool Lennon Delirium

What the doctor said could never be forgotten
“Son don’t you know that there’s a pill for every problem
In this little magic bottle that’s filled with love.”

Well little Cricket was only three
He rubbed his magic bottle suddenly appeared a Genie
And the Genie said, “I’m the Patron Saint of Prescription Drugs
So remember when you need a hug
Just close your eyes and give your bottle a rub…rub...”

Well Cricket didn’t need many friends
Because the Genie was such a perfect companion
His mother marveled at such an independent boy
She said, “Just remember when you need a hug
To close your eyes and give your bottle a rub…rub…”

Well little Cricket was twenty three
He rubbed his plastic bottle but found the bottle was empty
(The Genie was dead)
He was suddenly such an unhappy boy
He decided that he needed some fun
Went to the store, and purchased himself a gun…

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