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"Esskeetit Remix"

I’ve been making vids I gotta edit

[verse 1]
On the net my sh*t be trending up on motherf**king Reddit (oh)
Everbody used to try and diss me
Now they keep regretting that they said it. (huh)
All my sh*t is ill I need a medic
But they takin’ all my vids I’m never getting any credit (ayy)
I guess I’m just doing what I can now
I’m a man now
f**k it, esskeetit (ayy)
Moving through (ayy)
Got the newest shoes (huh)
Real recognize real
Who are you (ayy)
Now they wanna hide duties, views
And it’s hard to figure out like a Rubik’s Cube
Hard to put together like a two and a two
f**k what I gotta do
Already proved it to you
On the remix but I ain’t a remix rapper
All these b*t*hes want my susej, that’s Jesus backwards
Now, the words, they don’t even matter ‘cus they like
“Hey Ben, bro, we need it faster”
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