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"One Day"

(Got me waiting)
(So much patience)

And every night I've been thinking alone
You know I’m waiting, that's all that I do
And they seeing me bringing it home
Seeing the king on the throne
Seeing the dome when I pass out
Seeing the dome when I black out
They need me to fall, I don't back down
Every track now, I’m just running laps
Once I head out the door I'm not coming back
Yeah, I'm done with that
Say Quadeca's on the stage, the crowd all says "What is that?"
I mean
Can I please just win one thing now
How many dreams do I need to sing 'bout
I don't know what my song's about until I'm done writing it
My future is bright and it’s burning but I just can’t see it
That sh*t's ultraviolet
I made this intro
That sh*t is intense, someone please give me 300 violins
I went to see Kendrick perform down in Oakland, that sh*t’s nothing less than inspiring
I need some love but I ain't gonna get it from clovers or trips down to Ireland
This game, I admire it
The electrician is here, tryna change up the wiring
So that I will win
You know I can get
So much done in a day if I'm trying it
I know that if I get working and grinding
That I will be flying away on a private jet

And we stuck in here, saying maybe one day
I could make a million on monday
Someday, maybe I could make it unchanged
And unchained
I'm just saying, maybe one day
I can be performing on the world’s stage
And I ain't gotta ask you for your girl's name
We just stuck here saying one day
Maybe, maybe one day

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