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"Evil Attack"

[Intro: Sa Vich]
Cause all these b*t*hes try and outrap me
I lock em in, in the trunk, not the backseat
I lock em in, lock em in a mousetrap, gee
And he can´t get out
Perhaps he is unhappy because he got acme

[Chorus: Sa Vich]
I´m on a private jet to Miami
Evil attack could get a grammy
Evil attack but they can´t attack me

[Verse 1: Sa Vich]
b*t*h, I´m back
This an evil attack
If you trying to throw hands, I eat you up like a snack
Cause I got a pack
And they´ll make you stop
If I´m washing these floors at least give me a mop
I see new shoes, if I like then I cop
I see a new tune, if I like then I bop
I hope you ain´t afraid of heights because I´m going to the top
The realest will fall, R.I.P. to the Pop
Now I got the flow
If I say we gon´ go
Then little b*t*h, better listen, if not you get shot
And if you don´t want to come chill
Then it´s getting real
Do sh*t around me you´ll get caught a lot (damn)
Pop might be gone
But I got a gun
If you cap, you´re getting popped for sure
If we´re having beef know I got beef
I got no green, I´m no omnivore
Neck, gucci, wrist, rollie
People try and open a door and then show me
Meanwhile I open two doors, they act like they know me
Meanwhile, broken two fours, just like Kobe
I got a visa
And y´all are saying I am deceased but (freeze up)
Number 10, back like عيسى
Never mind, I bring back the beat
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