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Tyler, The Creator

"Biking (Blonded.co Version)"

[Verse 1]
From Coldwater to the Shaw
Alcoholic way I handle the bars
This a PK, PK Ripper
Nah, you can't f*ck with the boy
That’s my problem, yeah, I got 'em
My tire smokin' when I stop
Okay, nobody f*ckin’ with me
My accolades hang from my neck
Pedal, I drown in the heat
My sapphires drown in my sweat
White mags, but I jet
Jackson, I'm savin' the streets
I'm Roger Rabbit in the air
I don't care, Big Willie Style, yeah
n*gga one wheel, one wheel, one wheel
n*gga one wheel, I fishtail downhill, yeah
I rose my rate, brand new brakes
Why I name it Slater? Ask my date

I got rockets on the back
Of my BMX bike
And my heart does wheelies when the
Light hits your pale skin

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