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Tyler, The Creator

"I Do Me . . . You Do You"

[Intro: IDK & JESSCX]
Why don't we, why don't we
Why don't we fall in love?
So many things I'm goin' through
So much that I wanna do
Startin' to become so clear to me, yeah
Tomorrow ain't really guaranteed
So many days I've thought of you
It's about time you know the truth
Got to act quickly, you and I
Can't fall in love, so many reasons why
Why don't we, why don't we (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Why don't we, why don't we (Uh, uh)
Why don't we fall (Uh, uh)

[Interlude: IDK & Tyler, The Creator]
So, I know how you kinda feel about religion
Based off of your own work but, I wanna ask you this:
Do you believe that there's a higher power?
I mean, hell yeah, it's a higher power
I mean, somethin' had to come up with all this sh*t
But, if, if it's, it... I think God is in everybody (Mhm)
sh*t it's, it's what you believe in, it's what brings you that
That immense joy, that, that you can't even explain
(Love, love, love)
I see, I see what you’re saying
So let me say this

Tellin' us today, that a man built Noah's Ark
Is just as crazy as us tellin' a caveman
We built robot b*tches we can f*ck

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