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Tyler, The Creator


[I - Colossus}
Went to Six Flags, six fags came up
And said "Ayo! Can we get a pic?" I said no
And they said "Oh! It's Wolf Gang, "Yonkers", Goblin is my sh*t though"
Now I'm like, "f**k, I don't want to be an as*h**e"
So I'm sitting there posing with Travis, Devon
With a fake smile like her titties was drawing it on
So f**king annoyed 'cause I missed Goliath
'Cause some kid said I was there, then they caused a riot (Tyler's here!)
Now I'm surrounded by a 25 hound of f**kers tryna get a photo
All because they noticed the top with the box logo
And them f**king ears, guarantee they didn't even hear b*st*rd
They bandwagon-jumped me from a pogo
I'm going f**king loco, "Hey, Tyler, can I...?"
No, b*t*h, don't you see me tryna buy a f**king churro?
"But Tyler, you're my hero, I used to get bullied
Until I heard "Radicals," the last part got to me
See, I used to give a f**k until my c*ck would bleed
Now I'm the happiest I think I'll ever ever be
My life is just like yours, no father
My momma must have forgot to stop with a popped condom
In school I was the one that was thinking outside boxes
So everybody in them would say that I got problems
So when I heard you say it, I said it back like f**k 'em
You're an inspiration to n***as like me
Not the n***as who just like you 'cause of lyrics and beats
I'm talking 'bout the n***as who don't know where they're going to be
I heard the song "b*st*rd" right in the moment of heat
Not in summer, but of course, I was holding a heat
Gun on the edge of my feet, I heard that first piano chord
And it drew me in like predators carrying treats
Then I said to myself, "f**k, is he speaking to me?"
See, me and you, we go together like snare and a beat
I mean snare and a kick drum, see my forearm?
I carved OF on it this morning with a glass shard
On my green mini ramp that I built in my backyard (that's weird)
That's hard, that scar from playing air guitar
When I see you play at the Roxy (uhh)
Tyler, I love you, wanna be just like you (alright)
I think about your face and I don't even f**king try to (no homo)
Wish I had a basement meant for me to hide you
We could play Xbox and listen to "In Search Of..." and eat donuts
Over conversating 'bout what church does
Come up with weird-ass videos with roach bugs
I'm straight edge too, so no drugs on this trip
And Raquel that b*t*h, you should've killed that b*t*h
You should've took me instead (uhh, that's weird)
See, if you can't have her then he shouldn't neither
And if I can't have you then she shouldn't either
No one should see you, but me in your t-shirt
I worship you until the f**king wrinkles on my knees hurt (what the f**k)
Odd Future, Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, Flog Gnaw, free Earl mobbing
I know it seems like I'm just slobbing on your knob
But I'm just a fan and I ain't losing my f**king noggin (yeah, you are)
I ain't got a job and I went out and bought Goblin about 5 times
'Cause (Thanks for the support) I love you man (alright)
I like tie-dyed tees or just plain white tees
I like pants that's cut, I like words like "f**k"
I got your pics on my wall with the mouth cut out
Now paper cuts on my balls because your d**k's in my jaw (what the f**k)
And I hit you on Twitter about 10 minutes a day
And now I'm bitter 'cause you don't even reply with a "hey" (sorry)
And my boys think I'm gay 'cause I play "VCR"
In my car all alone speakers waking up neighbors..."
All right, my n***a, calm down, it's getting weird, take this pic
So I can get on Colossus, line as slow as molasses
(Tyler, listen) No, n***a, I see you're loving my sh*t
And I appreciate the fact that you would suck on my d**k
But I'm not gay so it's awkward, now I'm grouchy like Oscar
After spilling some sh*t on his newest pair of beige Dockers
"Yonkers" and "Yonkers" (I love that song) Sick of hearing about "Yonkers"
I'm grateful that it worked, I attacked and I conquered
"Yeah whatever but I had a f**king blast at that concert
I was at the Boston one, I got a t-shirt from Sagan
The one that say "Sagan Lockhart" and when you came out to "Sandwitches"
That's when my f**king boy-crush got started"
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