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Tyler, The Creator

"Gonna Smash Them (Remix)"

[Intro: Tyler The Creator]
Yo sing this sh*t are y'all f**kin’ dumb

There smash 'em like erm
Gonna smash them like a broke window
Yeah yeah
There smash 'em like erm
Gonna smash them like a broke window
Yeah yeah
Smash smash smash
Window window window

[Verse 1]
I am gonna smash this like I am gonna bash this desk
Y’all easy like a mash on the...
I am gonna smash them like a broke window
She just gave me a blow it ain't slow like woah
That is the flow that facts this ain't DAX
Now that's max like it's packs
Yo sing this sh*t are y'all f**kin' dumb
Yeah Tyler said that

Not me I am not cappin' I be rappin’ on this
These people scrappin’ wrappin' these kids up like a gift
No lift off or some sh*t
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