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Earl Sweatshirt



Tried to greet death with a truce
Pass  to Satan, need to meet death with a noose
I  seek 'cess from the youths
To relieve stress with a zoot
Don't believe message from who I can't seen
But  I see the same church in my dreams when I sleep
The  same n*gga doin landscapin'
The same figures, they repentin', 'cause my plan Satan
But  I can't believe sh*t because the man that hate me still resemble Jesus
So I hope my temples ease quick
Throbbin' pain, deep, make me tend to need spliff
Make me tender-kneed b*tch (Uh)
Tender  sweet kiss, what my mental needs, switch
For the time being, night time had the sky gleamin'
Look into my eyes, you can find demons
With no disguise needed (Uh)
Will you help me cope with the life sh*t?
And my b*tch turned to that wife sh*t
Told her, "I don't really need that
I just really need kush, that sh*t gettin' me smacked"
Yeah, n*gga need that
Yeah, a n*gga need that


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