Earl Sweatshirt


The road I been trottin' on muddy lately
n***as been plottin' on money lately
Sky in my life ain't' been sunny lately
These n***as been actin' funny lately
Sick of this waitin', they gonna pay me
No empty promises now (Ayy)
Knowin' what's lost has been found (Wow)
I'm finna floss on my town (Ayy)
It's been too long, I been down
I used to fear for my life
But I been gripped to the light
Like resin, I stick to the pipe
She put the syrup in Sprite (Ayy)
Roll up the spliff and she light (Ayy, ayy)
I give her d**k for the night
Feeling' like I'm driftin', it's tight

Found my papa's weapon, knew I had the power
Your man's is a pu**y, b*t*h, your man's a coward
Swinigin' for them Phillies, b*t*h, I'm Ryan Howard (Ayy, ayy)
Still ain't find a many that say he overpowered
Eye in eye, chief minister, samurai (Ayy, ayy)
Overthrow the princes, overthrow the princes (Ayy, ayy)
Overthrow the princes, overthrow the princes
Ayy, f**k you and your mistress, f**k you and your mistress
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