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Earl Sweatshirt


Lakes (Lakes, lakes)
Ah‚ f*ck‚ lit
Lit as f*ck

[Verse 1]
n*ggas waitin' with they hands out
Shoulda cut 'em at the wrists‚ n*gga
Old five eight n*gga, with the live grey sweater
Tall flask, keep a fifth in it
They mad as f*ck‚ my stacks is up
She rap for hugs, I dap her up, 'cause we ain't like that
The master of embarrassment
I meant for bowls‚ like Captain Crunch, and I don't fight back
Can't go nowhere out in public sober, it just doesn't feel right (Ayy)
Paper flowing' like it's nothin', di*k her down, I give her that steel pipe
She say what it feels like
Reap what I sow, in this life better know I been creepin' through real tight
Pistol concealed like, livin', it's meal time

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