Keala Settle
Uncontrollable Laughter
(From the truck, NORMA laughs quietly to herself‚ absorbed in her music. A few of the others notice; her giggles make them smile. A suspect JANIS rolls her eyes.)

(NORMA's guffaws slowly grow‚ gaining momentum‚ until she erupts in a gale of deep-throated, powerful explosions, doubling over with almost manic glee.)

[JANIS, spoken]
There she goes again!

[DON, spoken]
Just ignore it‚ baby!

[GREG, spoken]
She said when she gets like that, it's the Holy Ghost takin' possession.

[JANIS, spoken]
What's she gonna do next? Start handlin' snakes, or speakin' in tongues?

[BENNY, spoken, to J.D.]
Hear that? Uncontrollable laughter! One of the first signs of insanity.

(NORMA and her allies start laughing‚ giddy from exhaustion and high spirits.)