Keala Settle
Keep Your Hands On It
I have never been the kind of guy
To  put his faith in luck
I  was stubborn, I was patient
I wouldn't leave without this truck!

My daddy always told me
"Don't  wait for your lucky ship
You  can nab it, go and grab it
Just don't ever lose your grip!"

If  you want something
Keep your hands on it
Hold it close to you
Don't let go one bit
Could  be someone else
May have plans on it
So if you want something...
Keep your hands on it
Just keep your hands on it

From the moment I first saw you
I knew I had to make you mine
There were other guys with hungry eyes
Waitin' in a line
I grabbed you and I held you close
First chance I could get
Chills went through me, hugged you to me
And I haven't let go yet

If you love something
Keep your hands on it
Cling with all your soul
When you find your fit

It may break your heart
It may hurt a bit
But if you love something
Keep your hands on it

If you love something
Keep your hands on it

[FRANK, spoken]
This is Frank Nugent, KYKX, with a special thanks to all our contestants!

Watched my son hit his first single
At his first time up at bat!
Had a part-time job and lost it
Still not so good at that
My wife and I are talking more
We'll have to wait and see

I'm still working double shifts
I'm gonna get that damn degree!

My lady friend got me this job
Her daddy fixes highway lights
So I'm all set, no problem!
Problem is, I'm scared of heights!

While the world rewards the cheaters
We ain't got two cents to spare

Got our family!

Got each other
And our

Twenty tons of air!
If you want something
Keep your hands on it
Let them take your pride
It won't hurt a bit

And if you love someone
Keep your hands on them
Let them take your heart
It belongs to them

No, I didn't win the contest
It's turned out okay, I guess

Got her safely home that night

Got him a job at UPS

We're savin' really careful
Each week stashin' some away
For the big two-week vacation
Hittin' Vegas and L.A.!
From the 28th until the 12th of May
We're gone!

Ramon's still in search of steady work
Ours not to question why
I got extra hours at my job
With God's help, we get by
Now, I see He didn't bring me
To this contest on a whim
He put me in it not to win it
But to bring more souls to Him!

Floyd King Nissan, it went belly up
We couldn't fill the quota

But the contest still continues

[CINDY & MIKE, spoken]
Right here, at Floyd King Toyota!

I entered it again next year
I never thought I'd dare!
But I done it, and I won it!
Only this time, fair and square!

[ALL except BENNY]
If you want something
Let your purpose show
Hold it close to you
Don't you let it go
Let it be your guide
Star of Bethlehem
If you want something...
Don't let go
Don't let go

[BENNY, spoken]
Me, I'm doin' fine

[ALL except BENNY]
Don't let go...

[BENNY, spoken]
Sleepin' over at my mother's garage, 'til things even out

Don't think the contest's over
Just because the tent is gone
This contest is for life
And it goes on, and on, and on
We're all around the truck here
The best souls and the worst
Slack-jawed with excitement
Just to see who'll drop off first
That's the nature of us creatures
Livin' on this planet earth
You're fightin' for your breath
Right from the moment of your birth!

So if you want something
Keep your hands on it!

[ALL except BENNY]
Don't let go!

And if you love someone
Keep your hands on them!

[ALL except BENNY]
Don't let go!

If you lose everything!

[ALL except BENNY]

Don't let go!