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"Blastar Boi"

Elon Musk is jealous
He don't have no Vicroys
He prolly tried it
Got all excited
Then he landed
Picked up a bandage
Then he ran in, to a girl
With a hand canon
One shot he's out
Musk couldn't stand it
Just because there's something cooler than your stupid car man
That plugs into a grid that emits way more carbon
What's the point of space travel?
It's never ending like your tweets, you been babbling
You're divorced 3 times
Whatchu talkin bout
They come and take your money
Then they walking out
Epic Games blowing gas like a Nascar
Your last game was Blastar
When you were in school dude
You were such a cool dude
Trashing all my boys while we droppin in the air
Crying on 60 minutes, "I JUST HAD A BAD YEAR"
Sorry not all of us have a billion bucks
Tesla's are expensive so we have to ride a bus
If you didn't have it you would probly play with us
With the gamertag: FAZE BUTTS
You got brain damage
Get another marraige, and another marraige

"I'm 100 years old, I'm gonna take my rogaine, and viagra"

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