J. Cole

"Rappa Magazine Freestyle"

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Label me greedy, but see me finish what Peedi started
From Carolina where n***as spray like graffiti artists
The south n***a, n***as used to think we retarded
And slow as hell, but well well, now we regarded as the n***as (yea)
I f**k with non rapping n***as, non clapping n***as
n***as is real, y'all is action figures (Ha)
Ain’t into acting bigger than I really am
Ain't no two ways around it, motherf**ker I'm the man
Where the beef at?
Back in the days I ain’t even go out for recess
A n***a don't play, man, I been living okay
Been up in Queens where they 'rid of those foes
And n***as GATs got bodies like video hoes
It's J.Cole, you not f**king with just any old flow
I'm like the '95 Penny, you like Penny '04
No disrespect to my favorite player
n***as praying a n***a never see the day a n***a rich

[Verse 2: Star Studded]
Yo' we came fully loaded clip, see we be on that sh*t
Yeah I’m all about the grip, my n***a I never slip
Never snooze my dude I know the rules I cruise on 22s
I paid all of my dues, my juice is so cool
I can freeze up a river
Downin’ bottles of Patrón like I don't need a liver, n***a
Kush for breakfast, piff for dinner
Your b*t*h, I strip her naked, get up in her
Am I THE man? Yes I am
Star Studded, motherf**ker, forward slash He-Man
He mad he can’t do it nothing like we can
We landin', he been driving for the whole weekend

I leave n***a head split like pecans
You a jackass, and your money short as Wee-Man
Tryna stack cash but I still got my ski mask
n***a, back, back, promise you don't wanna see that, believe that
The game is f**ked up I can't dig rappin’
I'm about to switch it and start spitting a [?]
All save I made [?] Tall say he'd say, he'd say "Okay"
Now while you go and translate that
I'll be all over the track like a pimp in the light
You n***as tend to like baby back, ribs on the rack
Afford the mother baby Mac, hit him with that
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