J. Cole

"RNP (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
I got one time to commit murder on sight
I got two times to prove to anybody who might not believe in my production
Rip mic’s in half
f**k your craft, I do this sh*t for a living
You might not pass when I test you
You better believe that I will deplete a magazine per minute
You can’t compete
Lyrical overdose if you attempt it
This prognosis is permanently protected by the temperature rising every time that I spit
You can take my lines, dissect it
But disrespect it, you get met two Tecs, don’t mess with it
The pinnacle of lyrical murder, get a vest fitted
Wash the gossip out of your mouth, I smell the pu**y on your breath
I smell it on your soul
I smell it every time that you roam
The aroma is inevitable
Get to packin’, leave the rapping to n***as who ‘bout that action
You relax for a second too long, be considered lackin’
Back-to-the-basket, annihilate the opposition
I’m on a mission
Extermination’s the best decision
Unfortunately, poetry’s disassociated from rap
Lyricism left for reminiscin’

I’ve only got one time, so keep this note in mind:
I won’t hesitate to take lives, so do not f**k with mine
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